Monday, May 29, 2023

Antwerp company launches new project on Tenerife

ANTWERP - Nieuwbouw in Spanje, an Antwerp-based real estate agency, has launched a new project in Tenerife, under the name Nieuwbouw Tenerife. "It is quite an honor for us that our company has been chosen to do this launch and sale," said Carl Vorsselmans of Nieuwbouw in Spanje.


The new project consists of 160 apartments on the Spanish island. In addition to a public pool, there are also 80 apartments with a private pool and owners also have access to the fitness, sauna and Turkish bath in the complex.

With Nieuwbouw Tenerife, the real estate broker says he wants to capitalize on the Tenerife hype that is taking place not only in Flanders, but also in Antwerp. "It is not for nothing that flights will soon be organized from Deurne to Tenerife. Surely a lot of customers are looking forward to this new route," says Vorsselmans.

Soon, the broker will also open a new office in Antwerp's Kloosterstraat. "It was intended that the opening would coincide with the launch, but some delays decided otherwise," laughs partner Freyke Van Looveren.

Source: Linde Schots, MADE IN Antwerpen